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Portfolio - Listening is Loving

Our project is using ceramics to engage the Spokane community in a conversation about homelessness and poverty.  We began the project by volunteering at a local shelter, serving dinners one night a week.  Next, a series of picnics were arranged with homeless or formerly homeless people willing to share their stories, experiences and perspectives in a video interview.  We prepared and served each participant a delicious home-cooked meal on hand-made ceramic dinnerware from our cupboards.  After each exchange, we worked together to interpret the participants' stories visually and then told those stories on an original dinnerware set.   The work culminates in an installation inviting viewers to come sit down at the table, “read” the stories, and then join the conversation about homelessness and poverty in the community.  Proceeds from the sale of the individual place settings will be used to purchase kitchen supplies for the House of Charity shelter.​

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